Writer, Producer and Director Kathryn Millard

Social Psychologist Mark Levine

Director of Photography Anna Howard  ACS

Sound Recordist Phil Keros

Production Designer Sarah Stollman

Editor   Jane St. Vincent Welch  ASE

Motion Graphics Designer Murray Vanderveer

Composer Jackson Milas, Sonar Music 


Jack Angwin

Thomas Campbell

Jeanette Cronin

Thuso Kekwape

Jane Phegan

Nikita Waldron

Line Producer  Catherine Flannery

Production Manager  Danni Janus

1st Assistant Director  Julian Ryan

Gaffer   Ken Pettigrew

Best Boy  Gouvrav Ghandi

Grip  Craig Bartlett-Sweiger

Swinger Grip/Gaffer  Lachlan Gandy

Swinger Grip/Lighting  Bryan Solbrandt

1st Assistant Camera  Michael Fairbairn

Data Wrangler Teg Saddler

Stills Photographer   Murray Vanderveer

Movement Consultant  Julie-Anne Long

Script Consultant  John Alsop

Boom Operator  Chris Keros

Standby Props/Buyer/Dresser  Anna Gregory

Wardrobe/Makeup  Laura Venner

Art Department Assistant  Paul Van Westling

Sound by Unison Sound

Sound Designer              Luke Mynott

Re-Recording Mixer        Wes Chew

Dialogue and FX editor   Tania Vlassova

Foley Artist Andrew Simmons

Foley Recordist & Editor  Tom David

Technical Supervisor (Production) David Mitchell

Post-Production Supervisor Michael Baber

Legals Michael Frankel
Greg Duffy
Frankel Lawyers   

Roy Gordet
Copyright Direction

Archival Consultant Naomi Hall

Additional Research       Denise Tart


Adam Ganz

Denise Haslem

Noelle Janaczewska

Lisa Shrimpton

Anna Levine Shrimpton

Alec Morgan

Ben Nash

Karen Pearlman

Richard Philpot

Tony Stevens

Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University

‘When will People Help?’ (1976) excerpt courtesy of Daryl J. Bem

Bus incident quotes primarily from Tom Heyden, BBC News Magazine Online ‘When One Hundred People Lift a Bus’ 4/6/15

Bank incident is primarily based on a released civil court verdict 18/09/17

London Bridge footage courtesy of KNS News United Kingdom

Train incident CCTV footage courtesy of Public Transport Authority of Western Australia

Additional archival footage courtesy of Getty Images

Additional archival footage courtesy of eFootage, LLC 

It is possible that not all appeal avenues have been exhausted in the State of Minnesota vs Derek Michael Chauvin 

Audio excerpt Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr.

‘I Have Been to the Mountaintop’ kind permission of Intellectual Property Management (IPM)

This film was produced with the assistance of 

Macquarie University, Australia

Lancaster University, England

Australian Research Council

© Charlie Productions Pty Ltd 2021